Honey Varieties

Raw varietal honey, unheated and unfiltered

Our honey is always raw, unheated, unfiltered, pesticide-free and 100% natural just as the bees made it. We separate honey varieties by seasons, and use natural beekeeping methods. Our bees feed on their own honey throughout the long  harsh Upstate-NY winter.

Our hives are located in natural areas in the NY Finger Lakes, where they have minimal exposure to pollutants and chemicals. We usually harvest 3-5 times a year for separating honey collected from different locations and flowers.

Variety availability changes yearly, depending on what our honeybees collected each season.

Spring honey

  • 2016 harvest special treat! Dandelions and clover honey. This is a very light and mild honey. Limited amount available.

Summer honey

Fall honey

  • Goldenrod (2016 harvest is here!)
  • Buckwheat honey –  very dark and dominant flavored, rich in antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Creamed honey from fall wildflowers!


All of our honey is raw, nothing added. We do not use any heat or pressure-filtering in the extraction and packaging process, so our honey crystallizes over time.

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