About us

Gil’s Honeybees is a small, family owned apiary in Ithaca NY, managed by Naama and Gil Menda.
Our beehives are located in natural areas in Ithaca and its surroundings, and our bees collect honey and pollen mostly from wild flowers and trees.
We harvest raw honey – unfiltered, unheated, and undergoes minimal processing. We do not use heat or chemicals in the extraction process, just strain the honey from the wax and pour it directly into glass jars, leaving the honey with all its natural sugar complexes, pollen traces, enzymes, proteins, and natural volatiles that give each honey its distinct aroma. We typically have different types of honey from the Spring, Summer, and early Fall. The honey you get is all natural – from the beehive directly to the jar.
We also produce other beehive products, such as beeswax candles, and skin creams, all natural and non-toxic.

Gil is a honeybee queen breeder and grows queen bees for other beekeepers who want to replace old queens or to make splits for increasing the number of their colonies. In the Spring we sell  live honeybee colonies with queens bred locally from our best-performing hives.

Our family loves to work with honeybees! We make sure our bees are happy and healthy all year-long, and in return we get millions of dedicated workers producing highest quality pesticide-free raw honey, pollen, and beeswax.

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Gil's HoneyBees - raw honey